Composite materials used for aircraft construction is our specialty.  Although many shops claim to be good at it and most customers can't tell the difference, we have a background in composite aircraft certification and we continue those proven and FAA approved practices throughout every step.


Fibercraft didn't always offer annual condition inspections. When our fleet of finished aircraft grew and everyone wanted to bring their theirs back to the shop that knows it best, we started offering regular maintenance. This has grown into a substantial part of our business and we now offer this service to aircraft built by others.

The heart and soul of Fibercraft.

Our ability to R&D improvements to these very special aircraft is well known in this industry. You may have some ideas of your own you'd like to implement or you might want to try some of our proven enhancements. Either way, this is one of the best parts of experimental aircraft.




Kit aircraft are not all what they used to be. This is why Fibercraft has specialized in services specific to making these incredible home builts a reasonable option for anyone in the market. You don't have to be an experienced aircraft fabricator and high tech composite expert to put your dream plane in your hangar.